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                 Posted on November, 2010    

       Welcome to my website. My name is Grant Ocean. I am an independent researcher. This means that I am not associated with any university, research institute or organization. I am totally on my own, and doing research and thinking during my spare time when I am not working to earn a living. However, being an independent researcher by no means indicates that my researches would be less significant and important than those professional researchers. As a matter of fact, many paradigmatic shifting researches have been done by outsiders, or independent researchers in other words.

        The contents of the articles in this website are very sophisticated and profound. They are definitely not light readings; and they are suitable only for those who have been pondering these issues for awhile and have solid background knowledge of these issues. For those who can fully understand these articles, I can promise that you will find a life-changing effect of these articles, which of course contain the ideas, thoughts, and experimental results of mine after many years of hard labor. The main purpose of this website is to convey the fruits of my thoughts to the potential knowledgeable readers. Hopefully, someone could comprehend the significance of them and make an effort to change the way we approach perception, mind, consciousness, psychology, subjectivity, idealism, and more. This is the divine mission of the website.


  Index of the Articles in this Website

Mirror Images and Mental Projection

The Height Illusions

The Müller-Lyer, Poggendorff and More Illusions

The Helmhotlz' Irradiation, Cafè Wall and Bulging Checkerboard Illusions

The Delboeuf, Ponzo and More Illusions

The Ames Room Illusion

Emmert's Law

The Moon Illusion

Appendix A: The Perceived Size and Its Mathematical Equations

Appendix B: Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio